About Us

image001Writecover Ltd was started back in May 2011 by the Managing Directors, Kevin Winters and Simon Page.

From birthing the concept of the Writecover, to sourcing advice through business advisors, identifying an excellent UK manufacturer and protecting the idea via the Patent Attorneys, Appleyard Lees, the journey has been an exciting one!

The Writecover bag is now protected by law under Patent GB2494855B for ‘Protected cover and related methods’, filed by Writecover Ltd in July 2011 and granted on 25th September 2013.

Kevin and Simon are friends as well as business partners and work very well together. Simon has considerable experience in marketing and writing and Kevin is an experienced builder by trade. Together, they look forward to serving you. To speak directly with Simon Page, you may call him direct on 07832 295404 or call our sales office on 0845 468 1884.

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